A workshop on ash tree genomics will be held at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew from 11-22 March 2019. This is generously supported by the Erica Waltraud Albrecht Endowment Fund. Funding for full travel and accommodation costs is available for five European researchers to attend this workshop on short-term scientific missions. Three unfunded places are also available.


We are offering a two-week workshop on theoretical and practical aspects of analysing genomic data for Fraxinus (ash trees). The format will combine both lectures and hands-on bioinformatics sessions.
Topics that will be covered include:
Introduction to available ash genome, transcriptome and methylome data
Whole genome sequencing and assembly
Genome annotation (repeats and genes)
Genome visualisation
Phylogenomics of the genus Fraxinus
Molecular barcodes for the genus Fraxinus
Genome-wide association study for ash dieback resistance
Genomic prediction for ash dieback resistance
The genome of the ash dieback fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus



Target audience

This workshop is aimed at researchers of all levels of experience (PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, or above) who are working within Europe on questions related to Fraxinus and who would like to learn more about the available genomic resources and how they can be utilised.
Some experience in the use of command-line bioinformatics tools would be useful, but not essential. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own laptops, where possible.
Five fully-funded places are available covering travel, accommodation and registration costs. A further three unfunded places are available with a registration cost of £500 (which does not include accommodation). 

Application process

Please note that only five fully-funded places and three unfunded places are available and these are only open to researchers from continental Europe. The application deadline is 4th January 2019. To apply, please send an email to r.buggs“at”, entitled "Genomics workshop application" with the following:
  • your CV 
  • a short summary (300 words max.) of your research interests relevant to this workshop
  • a statement of your current level of expertise in bioinformatics (100 words max.) and the operating system of your laptop of you are able to bring one
  • an indication of whether or not you will need a visa to attend the workshop
  • an indication of whether you are applying for (1) a fully-funded place, or (2) an unfunded place where you pay your own costs and registration fee of £500.
Successful applicants will be informed by 14th January 2019.